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Should the Placemat Be Outside or Inside the Gate? It Turned out That It Was Wrong Before!
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Should the Placemat Be Outside or Inside the Gate? It Turned out That It Was Wrong Before!

There are placemats at almost every home has a mattress. Putting a placemat on the kitchen of the bathroom in the entrance door has the function of dust removal, skid prevention and beautiful appearance. Most practically, it can be put in the entrance of home. Before entering the house, you can rub the mud on the placemat and enter the house clean.

But some people say that the placemat should be placed in the house, others say that it should be placed outside the house, so how to choose and put the placemat?

1.Should the placemat be placed outdoors or indoors?

It is suggested that the placemat for entering the door be placed both inside and outside. The placemat outside the door blocks the outside soil. The placemat inside the door mainly blocks some fine soil. Moreover, when changing shoes in the room, the placemat will prevent you from catching a cold. In this way, as soon as you enter the house. You have double protection. It's cleaner, and more convenient to clean.

2. Correct selection of household floor mats

There are many kinds of placemats, such as silk ring, flocking, rubber, polyester and so on. The placemat should be chosen according to the position of use. For example, the bathroom should be sufficiently absorbent and the kitchen greasy absorption.

1.A placemat mat should be able to absorb water and hide dust, and it should be easy to clean. The commonly used silk ring foot mat for automobiles is very good, easy to clean with water.

2.If you install floor warming in your home, you must not buy rubber-backed placemat, because when you use floor warming in winter, the surface will damage the ground in high temperature.

3.Choose the placemat with complex patterns, dark colors or disorderly patterns as far as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of hiding dirt. There are more about to learn in small placemat. Have you learned how to choose and place the placemat?

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