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Proper use of place MATS
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Proper use of place MATS

The matching size of the gold table mats and the tableware is based on the ratio of the tabletop and tableware. After putting on the tableware, the principle is that the tableware does not run out of the table mat. A round placemat is best matched with a round dinner plate. If a round dinner plate is to be matched with a square placemat, it depends on whether the ratio is too different. It is best to have appropriate white space.

Cleaning methods for gold table mats:

1. Wash and dry after each use. Use a disinfectant to freshen it every few days. Wash gold table mats thoroughly when using disinfectant.

2. When drying with a machine, the temperature must be kept at about 40 degrees Celsius.

3. It is best to dry with natural air, do not wring dry by hand to avoid wrinkles.

It is recommended to use meal lotion, pure active agent, without any additives. When choosing products related to food and use, you must choose products with quality inspection reports. It is responsible for myself and my family.

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