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Round Vinyl Placemats 
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Round Vinyl Placemats 

WANTU's colorful round vinyl placemat is one of the leading position in the industry with competitive technology and considerable price. If our products catch your attention, please slow down your pace and follow us to understand our Round Vinyl Placemat.

Types of Round Vinyl Placemat

The Function of WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats

1. The primary function is used to place cups, bowls, dishes, and other dining tableware. WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats also protect the dinner table from water marks, oil, food stains or heat damage. They can also be used as decorations always in the dining hall at the same time, especially Round Vinyl Placemats made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 
2. WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats are made by PVC, because PVC has following characteristics light, thermal insulation, damp-proof, non-mildew, so they can be applied to hotels very well. It always gives people a simple and comfortable feeling, whether it is in a meal or a meeting.
3. Compared with the traditional cloth mat cleaning, drying is very difficult. Round Vinyl Placemats has become a substitute for cloth mat, it brings convenience to people's life, saves time and adorns people's life.

Features of WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats

  • Materials: Round Vinyl Placemats are made by 100% PVC.
  • Round Vinyl Placemats size: 30*30cm, 38*38cm and more.
  • Technology: Hot-stamping.
  • Color: gold, silver, and other colors available.
  • Environmental protection: eco-friendly, hygienic.
  • Advantages: Waterproof, Washable,  No fade and stain, Anti-oil, Non-mildew, and heat resistant (The Round Vinyl Placemats sets insulation effect could reach to 80℃, help to protect your dining table from scalding and create an enjoyable dining environment).
  • Transportation: next to Ningbo port and Shanghai port, it is very to transport cargo.
  • The popularity of WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats
  • Round Vinyl Placemats are widely used in people's Daily life, which became a fashion tendency. So, why don't we choose Round Vinyl Placemats to make our life become more convenient?

Choose WANTU Round Vinyl Placemats

If you want to buy round dining table placemats, we can not only meet you various personalized needs but also provide the most reasonable price and the best service. Your inquiry is the best gift to us, we are looking forward to establishing a relationship with you.

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