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Rectangle Vinyl Placemat
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Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

WANTU is a professional manufacturer of Rectangular Vinyl Placemat, but also in the leading position in the industry with absolute production technology. Maybe you are browsing our products, you might as well stop and have a look at our products with us.

Types of Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

The Function of Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

1. Their fundamental function is placed in dishes, bowls, cups or other tableware.
2. Decoration: On the one hand, our placemat can be decorated in the home: dining room (hall), kitchen, etc. On the other hand, our placemat also can be used to decorate the hotel, business office, party, restaurant, coffee shop, the wedding, outdoor. 
3. Advertisement: the placemat can be printed with the company's advertising slogan or the same relevant information of the company, which is also conducive to increasing the company's popularity.
4. Gift: beautiful and fashion Rectangular Vinyl Placemat also a perfect gift to friends or family.

Features of WANTU Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

  • Materials: Rectangular Vinyl Placemats were made by 100% PVC.
  • Rectangular Vinyl Placemats size: 30*45cm, 40*84cm, 60*100cm , other sizes available 
  • Advantages: Waterproof, Washable,  No fade and stain, Anti-oil, Non-mildew, Wrinkle-resistant and heat resistant (The Round Vinyl Placemats sets insulation effect could reach to 80℃, help to protect your dining table from scalding and create an enjoyable dining environment ).
  • Technology: Hot-stamping.
  • Color: gold, silver, champagne, copper and available.
  • Environmental protection: eco-friendly, hygienic.
  • Packaging: 12pcs/poly bag, 300pcs/carton.

Environmental WANTU Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

Environmental protection is what we call for. So you needn't worry about the problem of quality and safety, because our company placemat has entitled to many international certifications such as ITS, PTS, BV&SGS with strict quality assurance.

Choose WANTU Rectangle Vinyl Placemat

We are a company that values quality and reputation, we focus on quality and design, but we also own the best design team at the same time. So, to choose us is equal to choose originality and fashion. Meanwhile, we a wholesale manufacturer, our price must be the most favorable. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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