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WANTU PVC Table Runner
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WANTU PVC Table Runner

Our company's table runner has industry-leading hot-stamping technology, our design is also the industry's first. No matter all kinds of styles, colors, patterns, as long as you can think of, we can meet you at any time. So honey, could you stop a few seconds and get to know our products.

Types of PVC Table Runner

The Function of WANTU Table Runner

1. The elementary function: when used to the table, they can place dishes, bowls, cups, and other tableware.
2. Decoration: one side, they can be used to decorate the TV at home, kitchen, tea table, bedside lamp shade. On the other side, they also can be used to decorate the hotel, restaurant, the meeting, outdoors even more.
3. Protection: they can protect the dinner table from water marks, oil, food stains or heat damage.
4. Gift: a beautiful exquisite table runner may be a pretty gift to friends, family or important client.

Features of WANTU Table Runner

  • Materials: Round Vinyl Placemats were made by 100% PVC or pressed.
  • Table Runner size: 33*150cm/45*150cm/40*150cm
  • Color: Gold, Silver, White, Beige, Light Blue, Pink, Champagne, Grey, Black and other customized.
  • Technology: Hot-stamping.
  • Advantages: Waterproof, Washable, No fade and stain, Anti-oil, Non-mildew, and heat-resistant (The Round Vinyl Placemats sets insulation effect could reach to 80℃, help to protect your dining table from scalding and create an enjoyable dining environment).
  • Environmental protection: eco-friendly, hygienic.
  • Packaging: 6pcs/ poly bag, 24pcs/per carton or available.

The Popularity of WANTU Table Runner 

With the improvement of people's living standard, people are more and more pursuing high-quality life, so the table runner has been widely used in People's Daily life. As a result, the table runner of all sorts of design and color emerges in endlessly.

Choose WANU Table Runner

As the leader of the PVC industry, WANTU's products are through many international certifications such as ITS, PTS, BV&SGS with strict quality assurance. Meanwhile, as a manufacturer with efficient production time, our price is certainly what you expect.
Your inquiry is our greatest honored, we are looking forward to establishing a relationship with you.
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