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Hard PVC Placemats
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Hard PVC Placemats

We are a professional manufacturer of Hard PVC placemat with genuine product guarantee, advanced technology, and considerate service. Because we have to keep up with the trend of design and excellent design team, so we occupy a leading position in the industry. If you want to get more information about Hard PVC Sheet, WANTU is the best choice.

Types of Hard PVC Placemats

The function of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats

1. The primary function of Hard PVC Placemats is to place dishes, cups, bowls, and other tableware.
2. Decoration: a nice piece of Hard PVC Placemats will make your chicken and dining table become much classy. On the other hand, fashion Hard PVC Placemats used to restaurant or hotel will absorb many customers, it can not only bring about economic growth but also make customers more satisfied with their consumption. They also can be applied to Cafe, Corporation events, Wedding, Picnic etc.
3. Protection: because it has the function of high-temperature resistance, can protect the hand from scalding.
4. Gift: exquisite Hard PVC Sheet also a pretty gift to friends or family.
5. Advertisement: when you put the company's logo and advertising on Hard PVC Placemats, this is also good advertising.

Features of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats

  • Materials: Hard PVC Placemats was made by 100% PVC. 
  • Hard PVC Sheet size: 30*45cm,38*38cm.
  • Color: White, Beige, Light Blue, Pink, Champagne, Grey, Black and other customized.
  • Technology: Hot-stamping color.
  • Shape: rectangular, round.
  • Advantages: Easy clean, No ironing, anti-oil, waterproof, non-mildew, heat-resistant, no ironing, no stain, and fade etc.
  • Environmental: hygienic and health.
  • Packaging: 12pcs/poly bag, 72pcs per carton.

Customization of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats

Customization is the goal WANTU always pursue. In our company, the logo, packaging, graphics you all can select by yourself, we will try our best to meet your personal needs. Any color and pattern that you can think of we all can make.

Environmental Protection of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats

WANTU Hard PVC Placemats has entitled to many international certifications such as ITS, PTS, BV&SGS with strict quality assurance. So, honey, you don’t need to worry about any quality and health problem about our products.

Choose WANTU Hard PVC Placemats

We are a wholesale manufacturer of Hard PVC Placemats, so our price must be the most favorable if you choose is equal to choose the reasonable price, efficient production time and good service. Your inquiry is our final expectation, and we are ready to provide you with the best service at any time.

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