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WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03
  • WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03
  • WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03

WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03

The PVC placemat is a beautiful stylish placemat to add more fun to kitchen tables, create an enjoyable dining environment. It has a wide range in the application, coming in a variety of colors and styles to match everyone`s taste and decor.Widely used in home,kitchen table,conference tables,hotels,restaurants,business,office,cafes,etc.

Features of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03

Model No.: H03


Weight:about 75G

Normal packing:1pc with sticker,24pcs per opp bag,120pcs one carton


We can make packages and designs as customization.


  • WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03
  • WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03

Maintenance of WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03

The PVC (or vinyl) material is designed to give an easy-care finish to our textiles, but it is not an armor plating. Foodstuffs and beverages can be easily wiped from its surface.

It will definitely NOT withstand ball-pen ink, lipstick, nail varnish or shoe polish. Some tomato based sauces and curry sauces can also leave marks and stains. These types of stains must be wiped immediately. Newspaper print can transfer onto the placemat if the placemat is still damp from wiping.

Hot cooking oil will also damage the surface. The surface will not withstand plates or dishes straight from the oven, placed directly upon it.

To clean the surface, it should be wiped with a damp cloth, which can contain a small amount of detergent.

To remove creases, please unfold the table cloth and keep it flat, no iron. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT DRY CLEAN

If treated with a little care, WANTU Hard PVC Placemats H03 will give a prolonged service whilst protecting your table.
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