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Life Needs A Sense of Ritual!
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Life Needs A Sense of Ritual!

Eating should be a ritual thing. Putting a different style of placemat under the ordinary food will instantly become very beautiful!

For many long-term "streaking" dining tables, it doesn't take long for the desktop to be scratched or be contaminated by oil smoke. No matter how you wipe the table, it will not become new. If you don't want to change the table, the easiest way is to put a beautiful placemat on it! Giving a table mat to a table is like putting a nice mobile phone case on your phone. The placemat not only protects the tabletop, but also greatly increases the value of the table!

Put a few placemats on the dining table, and the placement method is also very random. Different placement methods can show different dining conditions. It can make the material of the desktop stand out because of the color of this set of placemats. Its special and beautiful color matching can definitely play the finishing touch. If you can put on a set of candlesticks or vases, and finally match a meal flag, then it will be the most popular place. This adds visual richness, and the overall sense is full of elegance, creating another warm and rich atmosphere for the table.

The black walnut solid wood dining table complemented by copper colored placemats that is both vintage and elegant, without losing a solid weight. Bringing the carefully prepared food to the copper colored placemats looks delicious and beautiful and gives a good mood! The pvc material copper colored placemats are easy to clean, oil and dirt resistant! From then on, you will never feel that the table mat is difficult to clean up.
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