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Is PVC Outdoor Tablecloth  Toxic
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Is PVC Outdoor Tablecloth Toxic

The PVC material is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride plastics, but due to the addition of softeners, stabilizers, and other additives, it is not as hard as ordinary glass, but like a "soft glass" texture. The surface of PVC soft glass tablecloth is very smooth and wear-resistant. A piece of PVC soft glass tablecloth can be repeatedly used after many wipes. And the surface of the PVC soft glass tablecloth is smooth and not easy to get greasy stains. Once the greasy stains stick to the surface of the PVC soft glass tablecloth, only a small amount of detergent is needed to wipe it clean, and it does not need to be cleaned all like the ordinary tablecloth. In addition, the PVC soft glass tablecloth is not only transparent but also has a variety of patterns and patterns. What’s more, there are pastoral style tablecloth, European style, simple style, and other styles, which have a good decorative effect.

Although PVC soft glass tablecloth is made of a kind of plastic material, and there is a small amount of DOP toxic substances leaking out during the use process, the content of these substances is very small, and its impact on the human body can be neglected. As long as the PVC tablecloth does not contact with high temperature, does not deform or melt, the PVC soft glass tablecloth will not affect human health. You can rest assured of using it.

Common tablecloth and chair cushion cover are usually made of textile fabrics, that is, cloth tablecloth. This kind of tablecloth has a good decorative effect, but it is not resistant to friction and is easy to generate static electricity after many times of friction. At ordinary times, home maintenance is also troublesome. There is no partial cleaning. Once clean, you should clean it completely. But PVC soft glass tablecloth not only resists high temperature and pressure but also resists static electricity. It is also very convenient to clean, meanwhile, its decorative effect is not inferior to the general tablecloth.
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