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How to Clean PVC Rectangular Tablecloth?
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How to Clean PVC Rectangular Tablecloth?

The tablecloth is the cloth that covers the table. Ordinary tablecloths are mostly cotton or man-made fiber materials and are easy to clean. The more expensive tablecloths are made of silk, linen, or lace, tassels and more. According to the production process classification, it can be divided into plastics and textiles. Plastics include pvc table runner, EVA tablecloths, PEVA tablecloths, hot flower tablecloths, cotton PVC tablecloths, PP tablecloths, etc.; textiles include polyester-cotton knitted lace tablecloths, cotton mercerized mesh buckle tablecloths, polyester warp-knitted jacquard tablecloths , cotton silk jacquard tablecloth, polyester-cotton plain woven printed tablecloth, polyester-cotton plain woven embroidered tablecloth, linen knit lace tablecloth, polyester linen woven applique tablecloth.

According to its purpose, tablecloths can be broadly divided into practical and decorative categories. Practical tablecloths pay attention to their functions. The general materials are mainly plastic and the color is relatively simple. Due to the increasing quality of the dining table, many families generally do not use tablecloths. When the guests come to the house, they simply lay a layer of disposable tablecloth and throw it away after use. Although this tablecloth is simple, it is not environmentally friendly.

Cleaning of pvc table runner

After the pvc table runner is used, it should be cleaned immediately. This cleaning effect is good. Vinegar, wine, sugar, salt, etc. are water-soluble stains. Before washing, the table cloth can be soaked with vinegar, salt, and the like. After three minutes, take it out and wash it. This can effectively remove vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other stains. Stains such as oils and proteins should be removed with an alkaline solution.

Method one is: adding 5 ml of an alkali solution to 5 L of clean water. After completely dissolved, put in a pvc rectangular tablecloth and bring to a boil. After the oil and protein stains have completely disappeared in about 5 minutes, they are taken out and washed. Pigments can be removed with bleach and then cleaned.

The second method is to add 50 g of bleach to 5 L of clean water. After soaking for 5 minutes, remove the pigment stains, rinse and dry. If oil stains are stained in some places, use a toothbrush and detergent to gently scrub. Then wipe it with a toothbrush and wipe it off, then dry it with a clean cotton cloth. If it is a special fabric that is afraid of grinding, it can be gently washed with detergent. It is not advisable to soak in water for too long when washing. It can be soaked for about half an hour or so. It should be gently washed, not smashed and wrung out. It can be dried in a washing machine. It should be hung in a ventilated place to avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time to prevent fading.

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