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How to Choose the Color of Formal Dining Table Cloth
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How to Choose the Color of Formal Dining Table Cloth

Practical table cloths are mostly made of PVC, and the quality of PVC table cloths on cotton substrates is the most guaranteed. The cotton substrates with the table cloth on the bottom layer  make PVC table cloths soft and easy to fold, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional PVC table cloths, such as hard and brittle. Moreover, unlike the traditional plastic table cloth, the color of   PVC table cloth is no longer single and dark. Its color and pattern are diverse, so it is easy to match with various decoration styles. In formal meals, using table cloths of different colors according to the environment is conducive to improving the mental degree of diners. This paper introduces the corresponding functions of different table cloths.

Blue series: it can highlight health, make people feel happy and create a relaxed atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that table cloth in this color can also enhance the mental degree of diners. Blue represents a high color temperature, which is generally below 3500. Therefore, it can also have a certain role in improving temperament.

Champagne yellow: It represents nobility and wealth. When used well, it can echo with the light on the spot. At the same time, it can create a sense of substitution.

In addition, camel and wine red table cloths will be more suitable for formal meals, while warm colored table cloths are more suitable for celebrations and reception.
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