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How Should We Clean and Maintain Vinyl Placemats?
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How Should We Clean and Maintain Vinyl Placemats?

Wipe it with a soft cloth after each use. After it is air-dried, roll it up and place it in a cool dry place. The specific considerations are as follows:

1. It is recommended to clean at least once a week when using it frequently. When cleaning, use a small amount of detergent or washing powder to water, mix and spray or scrub with a towel, rinse with water and then wipe with a dry cloth or dry naturally. Note that the cleaning agent should not be too much and should be rinsed clean to avoid reducing the slip resistance of the vinyl mat.

2. If disinfection is used, please follow the instructions for use to avoid corrosion of the vinyl mat.

3. Do not expose to strong sunlight after cleaning and disinfection. This will cause the mat to crack and reduce its service life.

4. It is recommended not to use the common vinyl mat directly. If the common vinyl mat is not easily cleaned and disinfected, it is easy to increase the risk of cross-infection. If it is really necessary to share, it is recommended to lay a mat on the common vinyl mat to provide isolation.

5. Some places wholesale vinyl mats from companies and provide public vinyl mats to the public. Public items can increase the risk of cross-contamination without proper cleaning and disinfection. It is recommended to bring your own mat during practice. Try not to use a common vinyl mat that has not been decontaminated. If it is necessary to share the condition, a clean cloth can be placed on the common vinyl mat to provide isolation.

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