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Description of Table Placemats
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Description of Table Placemats

Table placemats are a kind of item which can protect and decorate the table. It is suitable for advertising promotion, publicity and gift. It can be printed by LOGO, school canteen, so that enterprise culture can be better publicized and promoted. Spending a small amount of money can do great things and win more benefits. Transparent table mat product design is compact, generous, beautiful printing. Inks and materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can be reused many times.

Table placemats of Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd have a lot of advantages:

1.In the use of family or office environment, this product can protect your desktop and countertop very well, and bring warm protection to your furniture and body.

2.Soft glass has high heat resistance, cold resistance, strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, pressure resistance, static electricity, impact resistance, tensile strength, aging resistance, good transmittance and long service life.

3.The desktop is light and soft, and the writing is fluent. Access to data is fast, safe and convenient. It helps to improve the efficiency of document processing in banks, schools, government agencies and companies, thereby reducing costs.

4.For restaurants, it can reduce the cost of cleaning and increase the elegance and beauty of restaurants. For personal office, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is flexible. It has flame retardant, insulation, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-corrosion, impact resistance. It is not deformed, cracking, anti-light, anti-fading, and has weather resistance;

5.It has antistatic property. It is a necessary product in the use of precision instrument desktop of telecommunications, electronics and computer companies. Now many companies that use computers in general have replaced glass desktops with soft glass.

Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd offers business of wholesale table placemats. Welcome to order.
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