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Choose Plastic Table Runners with Caution
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Choose Plastic Table Runners with Caution

Putting clothes on the table not only protects the table, but also beautifies the home environment.  Many people choose plastic table runners that are easy to clean and waterproof, but some plastic table runners produced by bad manufacturers may have safety and environmental problems.  Consumers need to be very cautious when choosing a pvc tablecloth.

PVC table runners are added with some plasticizers for softening. Environmentally friendly plasticizers are harmless to the human body. However, traditional industrial plasticizers are not  environmentally friendly and have a risk of cancer. If the skin has a wound, plasticizers may enter the body. Plasticizers are prone to volatilization in high temperature and supercooled environments and can enter the respiratory tract. Therefore, summer and winter are high-risk seasons for plasticizer migration, which is easy to harm the health of infants and lactating women. The utensils for hot meals are fine on the tablecloth, but boiling water and soluble fats also promote plasticizer migration. In addition, PVC table runners also contain stabilizers, of which industrial three salts can harm the body. Although China has banned this material, there are still some unscrupulous merchants who add it illegally.

Jinhua Wantu adheres to national standards and adopts green materials. It is a reliable supplier of pvc plastic table runners.
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