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Anecdotes and Use Knowledge
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Anecdotes and Use Knowledge

Wholesale coasters are generally used in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other public eating places, and can be used as advertising accessories to improve their image. The brightly colored plastic coasters with company and company logos are more prominent and closer to people's lives, and strong friction prevents glass and porcelain cups from slipping. It can also protect the desktop from being burned.


Wholesale coasters may be just a name. In fact, coasters are very useful, especially the pot-shaped coasters, which are said to be coasters, but the shape resembles melon seeds candy plates. Many families sometimes use coasters and melon seeds candy plates. They are all mixed together, not that they can't be discerned, but they overlap and add a piece of fun. Many people use wooden coasters as dish mats, while plastic coasters are used by many as mouse pads, while paper coasters are more user-friendly.

Use knowledge of wholesale coasters:

There is no formal and standard way to use coasters. The key is safety and practicality. However, coasters are sometimes used as a foil. For example, you need to add a coaster when drinking coffee, otherwise there will be no modern and elegant feeling. Up. So what are the knowledge and precautions of using coasters?

1. It is best to make coasters only. Coasters are used for multiple occasions and may not have that fun;

2. Protection of the coaster No matter what kind of material the coaster is, it should not be bumped frequently;

3. Cleaning the coasters Except for the paper coasters, they can be washed with water or brushed.

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