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Advantages of PVC Table Cloth
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Advantages of PVC Table Cloth

According to its use, PVC table cloth can be divided into two categories, the practical and the ornamental.

Being plastic-based and simple-colored, the practical focus on its function.

Table cloth is seldom preferred by some families, who will employ the disposable for visitors. Convenient as it is, it does harm to the environment. Therefore, the PVC table cloth roll is the majority of the practical with the cotton substrate laid to be the most quality-guaranteed.

The bottom layer makes the table cloth soft and easy to fold so that it overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional PVC table cloth roll being hard and brittle.

Besides, unlike the simple and shady colored traditional, this kind of table cloth is of diversified colors and patterns fitting in a variety of furnishing style, which makes it a good choice for the soft decoration. Being color permanent in a long service life, PVC table cloth is dirt-proof, easy to clean and carry.

PVC table cloth has long been a popular necessity in Europe and the United States. Recently, it has gathered its popularity in Japan and countries in Southeast Asian for the hot weather.


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