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  • PVC Placemat PVC Placemat
    PVC Placemat
    Our company's PVC placemat is one of the leading position in the industry with competitive technology and considerable price .If you interested in placemat, please stay for a...
  • PVC Table Cloth PVC Table Cloth
    PVC Table Cloth
    We are the leading professional manufacture of PVC tablecloth in China, our tablecloth has the domestic leading PVC technology and most competitive price, if you want to kn...
  • PVC Table Runner PVC Table Runner
    PVC Table Runner
    Our company's table runner has industry-leading hot-stamping technology, our design is also the industry's first. No matter all kinds of styles, colors, patterns, as long...
  • PVC Cup Coaster PVC Cup Coaster
    PVC Cup Coaster
    PVC Cup Coaster as a necessity in our lives, traditional coaster such as a bamboo coaster, cotton coaster… And WANTU with a new process, hot-stamping technology, In the PVC Cup Coaster production sta...
Jinhua Wantu Daily Products Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading PVC tablecloth and placemat manufacturers in China. It has been creating and designing quality homewares products for decade years. 

In order to constantly create value to our partner and keep the dynamic market, our professional teams design unique styles every year. Also, we welcome OEM and ODM to develop distinct products to meet differential requirements. 

We are honored to keep a business relationship with Walmart and Tottus for many years, and being a good partner of the well-known company in the USA. We cooperate with importers, wholesalers, retailers, trading company. 

Importantly, Wantu offers comprehensive customer service, speedy delivery, and competitive price. We are ready to develop a new field with you.
Hotel Usage Hotel Usage
With the improvement of people's living standard and quality of life, People pay more and more attention to table culture. Hotel as a part of people's life, the extensive use of placemats enable peopl...
Wedding Usage Wedding Usage
Wedding is the most important thing in a girl’s life, every bride all hope her wedding to be unique in the world, so the layout of the wedding is very important, and the choice of the placemats serie...
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    Tablemats are becoming a Trend
    Compared with today's society, the use of table mats is becoming larger and larger! Users are also very broad, from all kinds of office workers to primary school students, and housewives are more ...
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    High-grade Placemats-Vinyl Placemats
    The dining table is a narrow space, but it is a broad platform to achieve many creative ideas. Many families still use the linen plaid tablecloth that was popular more than a decade ago, or some table...
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    Gold and Black Color at Weddings
    Many couples dream of having a luxurious wedding. Luxury is not necessarily material. Sometimes the visual color collision can create a gorgeous feeling. In the tricolor of black, white and gold, blac...
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